Why We Exist: €500mn left unclaimed in Ireland

I distinctly remember getting a letter about my pension when I left my last job. 

I was 36, had just started a new job and sorting out my pension was way down on my list of things to do. I threw the letter in a drawer and quickly forgot about it.

Sound familiar? It should. 

It is estimated that there is over €500mn in unclaimed pension benefits in Ireland. 

That’s €500million worth of forgotten letters, left in some drawer or bin in your house.


I think I’ve forgotten some pension savings – what are my options?


Leave it in the existing pensions scheme

This is the default option. The pension is invested by your old employer (via the scheme trustees). You will receive updates to the address you lived in when you worked here. You can only access it when you reach the scheme’s retirement age.


Transfer it to your new company’s pension scheme

This is a good option if the pension is less than €10,000. It moves over to your new company’s scheme and is invested alongside your ongoing pension contributions. 


Transfer it into your own name using a Personal Retirement Bond (PRB)

This is where we can help. You can transfer the pension into your own name. You take control and can access it from age 50. You decide when you want to take the benefits and it sits independently from your other pensions.

We’ve helped employees from a wide range of companies

Pay Off Your Mortgage Using A PRB

You can consolidate your pension benefits from the various jobs you’ve had into a PRB, which you own and control. The value of benefits you may have built up in a former employer’s pension scheme are calculated and this ‘transfer value’ is then paid into your PRB.

Once in the PRB, the ‘transfer value’ is then invested in a fund or series of funds.

Because you control the PRB, you choose how to invest this money and when you can draw on it. Our team of experts will help you with this process and provide guidance throughout.

What makes a PRB different is that you can draw on your PRB from age 50 onwards – with 25% available as a tax-free lump sum that you can use to pay off your mortgage.

Case Study:

John is 51 and has worked for 3 different companies over the last 20 years before becoming self-employed.

His total pension benefits are €200,000.

John consolidates his pension benefits from the various jobs he’s had into a PRB and withdraws 25% tax free immediately.

John uses the €50,0000 to pay off the balance of his mortgage, and saves an extra €2,500 a month on mortgage repayments.

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