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Case Studies

John is 51 and has worked for 3 different companies over the last 20 years before becoming self-employed.

His total pension benefits are €200,000.

John consolidates his pension benefits from the various jobs he’s had into a PRB and withdraws 25% tax free immediately.

John uses the €50,000 to pay off the balance of his mortgage, and saves an extra €2,500 a month on mortgage repayments.

Pauline is 63 and had a terminal cancer. She had a very large DB pension.

This pension would have been useless to her family upon her death. We helped Pauline move this pension to a personal fund, withdrawing over €200k immediately, and making sure that when she passes her pension will be retained by her family.

Colette is 54 and had a very small pension pot of around 37k.

At zero cost to Colette, we moved her pension to a high-interested fund. Colette did not wish to withdraw any monies from her pension, but the higher interest rates and additional contributions will make for a much more comfortable retirement.

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