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 If you’ve ever paid into an Irish company pension scheme, you may qualify for early access.

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It is estimated that there are more than 500million of unclaimed pension benefits in Ireland.

Busy professionals change jobs but often leave their pension fund behind without ever thinking of it again.

By transferring your old workplace pensions to a PRB, you can access 25% of it tax-free, from age 50. was set up to help Irish people to take back control of their pension fund and use it to pay off some of their biggest life expenses – their home, daughter’s wedding, education, or debt settlement.

Here’s to financial freedom at 50.

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3 steps to securing  your old pension.

3 steps to securing  your old pension.

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We find all your old pensions, including those you might not know about!


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Access up to 25% of your pension at 50 without paying any income tax.


Our Mission: Helping Irish people own their homes outright.

Our Mission: Helping Irish people own their homes outright.

Learn what we do, why we do it and whether or not we can help you.

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Don’t let your past pensions join the €500 million unclaimed pension pots in Ireland. The assessment is quick and easy and it’s 100% commitment free.

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